Aluminum Traffic Sign Frames

206TSF    207TSF   208TSF    209TSF
210TSF   211TSF   212TSF   213TSF
232   232-3   232-4   232-4FL
233   233-3   233-4   233-4FL
206FBT   207FBT   209FBT   212FBT   213FBT
215FBT   216FBT   217FBT   218FBT   219FBT


206TSPB   207TSPB   208TSPB   209TSPB   210TSPB
211TSPB   212TSPB   213TSPB        

Aluminum Traffic Sign Clamps

41-3   41-4   41-5


41-10F*   41-10NF*   41-12F**   41-12NF**

* For use with 305-10   ** For use with 305-12 

Banner Arms

24 inches is the standard length

39-3   39DBL-3
39-4   39DBL-4
39-5   39DBL-5

Street Signs With Cast Aluminum Blade


188-3   189-3   191-3   192-4
193-4   196-3   197-3   198-3
 199-3    200-3    201-3    202-3


 196-EB3     196-EBX    197-EB3     197-EBX      198-EB3   198-EBX 
 199-EB3   199-EBX   200-EB3   200-EBX   201-EB3    201-EBX 
048   48-3                

Cast Wall Signs 

These signs are one-sided only. 


R221(raised cast)

  222 (vinyl)
R222 (raised cast)

223 (vinyl)
R223 (raised cast)

224 (vinyl)
R224 (raised cast)
  225 (vinyl)
R225 (raised cast)
  226 (vinyl)
R226 (raised cast)
227 (vinyl)
R227 (raised cast)

Cast Decorative Address Signs

These signs are one-sided only and can include only numbers. All signs have raised cast (not vinyl).  

R617   R619   R629
R630   R631   R632
R633   R634    

Ladder Rest Signs

These signs are one-sided only.

221-3 (vinyl)
R221-3 (raised cast)
(click text above for spec sheets)
  222-3 (vinyl)
R222-3 (raised cast)
(click text above for spec sheets)
  223-3 (vinyl)
R223-3 (raised cast)
(click text above for spec sheets)
225-3 (vinyl)
R225-3 (raised cast)
(click text above for spec sheets)


Side Mounted Post Signs

These signs are one-sided only. 3" diameter post included.

721 (vinyl)
R721 (raised cast)
  722 (vinyl)
R722 (raised cast)
  723 (vinyl)
R723 (raised cast)
725 (vinyl)
R725 (raised cast)
  726 (vinyl)
R726 (raised cast)
  727 (vinyl)
R727 (raised cast)


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